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Oil and ​Fats business RUSAGRO GROUP is represented by three enterprises. All enterprises are united by one common goal to satisfy the need of customers for high-quality and tasty products.
OJSC Zhirovoy kombinat

Sauce and fat produ​​ction of the Group is represented by O​​JSC Zhirovoy kombinat (EZhK), located in Ekaterinburg city. This integrated work makes the top five of the Russian largest industry-specific enterprises and dominates in the CIS market.

OJSC Zhirovoy kombinat was founded in 1959. In 2003 the enterprise joined the Rusagro group of ​companies and for the last 10 years it grew rapidly in technical and market sense.

The design out​​put of OJSC Zhirovoy kombinat equals to 75 thousand tons of margarine,145 thousand tons of mayonnaise per annum, 35 thousand tons of packaged oil per annum.

The company product range includes more than 92 items: mayonnaise, margarine, sunflower oil, ketc​​hup, mustard, cooking and confectionary fat, including soap. High quality of EZhK products is ensured through the use of high-quality natural raw materials, new technologies and automated modern equipment.

The company is a​​ctively implementing projects to improve the process efficiency. In 2017, losses of packaging materials were reduced by 5%, the production lines efficiency was increased by 3%, outdated equipment for ketchup producing was replaced, raw materials and materials storage capacities were increased.

In 2017 a new shop for refining, deodorization and interesterification of fats began to operate at OJS​​C Zhirovoy kombinat, as well as a site for packing vegetable oil in PET bottles.

Currently, the brands “Mechta Khoziayki”, “Provansal EZhK”, “Schedroe Leto” are represented in t​​he main federal trade networks such as Pyaterochka, Karusel, Perekrestok, Magnit, Monetka, Auchan, Dixy, Lenta, O'key, and also in the main regional ones.

OJSC Zhirovoy kombinat actively promotes its products for export, mainly to the countries of Central Asia and Russia's neighboring states Thus, in 2017, 39% of the total volume was exported​​, 62% of which is the export of margarine products. In 2017, oil and fat products were shipped to the USA, China, Mongolia and Afghanistan.

In March 2018, OJSC Zhirovoy kombinat received a certificate of compliance with the standards of HALAL, which is a strategically important in the development of the relationship between the Zhirovoy kombinat and its partners in the CIS and neighboring countries, as products with the sign of HALAL are more and more popular in the countries importing products of the OJSC Zhirov​oy kombinat, such as Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and others.

Address: 620085 Ekaterinburg, ul. Titova, 27
tel.: +7 343 210 00 23, +7 343 295 77 21
e-mail: office@rusagromaslo.com

CJSC Samaraagroprompererabotka

Oil Extraction Plant of CJSC Samaraagroprompererabotka (SAPP) holds leading positions in the production of vegetable oil in the Samara region and makes the top ten largest sunflower oil manufacturers and exporters in Russia.

The plant was officially opened on April 22, 2011 in Bezenchuk urban settlement of Samara region as part of Rusagro group of companies.

The main products of the production are unrefined sunflower oil (worm-press and extraction) and high-protein granular sunflower meal. The total capacity of elevators for seed storage is 233 thousand tons.

The plant can process 454 thousand tons of sunflower seeds per year. In 2017, in accordance with the planned quality of input raw materials for oil content the capacity of the enterprise for the production of raw sunflower oil is amounted to 174 thousand tons, the oil meal — 169 thousand tons per year. The Company traditionally purchases raw materials for processing from third-party farmers in the Volga Federal District (Samara, Orenburg, Saratov regions).

Advanced manufacturing equipment allows for perfect quality product manufacture. The products are certified by GMP + B2 Good Manufacturing Practice standard, which confirms the company's compliance with national and international regulations, the principles of production and sale of safe products (including HACCP and regulatory requirements of the EU).

CJSC Samaraagroprompererabotka is the second enterprise for sunflower processing in Russia that passed this certification. Food safety management system was introduced at the enterprise under ISO 22000:2005.

The plant has convenient automobile and railway access routes, which enables to receive required raw material quantities and ship finished products.

CJSC Samaraagroprompererabotka actively exports not packaged raw sunflower oil and meal. The main directions of oil export are the countries of the Middle East, the oil meal is mainly sold in the countries of the European Union.

In 2018, the production of refining, deodorizing and packaging vegetable oil is planned at the CJSC Samaraagroprompererabotka. The oil will be produced under the brands "Mechta Khoziayki" and "Schedroe Leto" and will be sold in the Volga and Urals Federal Districts, Central Russia, and exported to the countries of the Near and Far Abroad.

Address: 446254, Samara region,
Bezenchuk urban settlement, Severo-Zapadnaya promzona, 2
tel.: +7 846 207 3725
e-mail: infosapp@rusagromaslo.com

​Pugachevsky elevator

Pugachevsky elevator is one of the largest elevators in the Volga region. Its capacity of one-time storage is 181,000 tons. The enterprise occupies a total area of 275,600 m2.

Its strategically advantageous location of nearby vehicles allows to provide year-round services for the acceptance and shipment of all types of agricultural products, both by road and rail.

The Pugachevsky elevator is the largest sunflower seeds silos for the oil extraction plant of the CJSC “Samaraagroprompererabotka”.

Buguruslansky Grain Product Integrated Work

Separate subdivision of the Buguruslansky grain product integrated work is part of the CJSC Samaraagroprompererabotka since October 2015. The enterprise is located in the south-western part of the city of Buguruslan in the Orenburg region. Its capacity of storage is 48,000 tons. The enterprise occupies a total area of 130,000 m2. There are 9 mechanized warehouses of floor storage on the territory of the enterprise, the total capacity of operating warehouses is 13,600 tons. The capacity for acceptance by road is 1,500 tons per day, shipment — 500 tons per day, capacity for acceptance by rail — 350 tons per day, shipment — 550 tons per day or 8 grain wagons. The scope of operations is the services for the acceptance, cleaning, processing, drying, storage, transshipment and shipment of grain and oilseeds by road and rail.

Pokhvistnevsky elevator

Separate subdivision of the Pokhvistnevsky elevator is located in the north-eastern part of the city of Pokhvistnevo in the Samara region. The land area of the enterprise is 3,006 ha. The scope of operations is the acceptance, cleaning, drying, storage and shipment of grain and oilseeds by road. There are 9 warehouses of floor storage on the territory of the enterprise, the total capacity of warehouses is 26,600 tons. The capacity for acceptance by road is 400 tons per day, shipment — 300 tons per day.

Totskoye grain reception site

Separate subdivision of the Totskoye grain reception site is located in the Totsky District of the Orenburg region. The enterprise is located on the land plot of 9,323 ha. The enterprise leases the access road 1,906 m long to the public road. The technological infrastructure of the enterprise consists of 16 mechanized warehouses with flat floors and with a total capacity of 58,400 tons. Warehouses have upper and lower galleries. The capacity for acceptance is 600 tons per day, grain shipment — 450 tons per day, oil shipment — 300 tons per day. Simultaneous acceptance/shipment from six points is possible with a single feed of not more than 4 wagons.

Alekseevskoye grain reception site

Separate subdivision of the Alekseevskoye grain reception site is located in the Samara region. The area of the enterprise is 80,870 m2. The scope of operations is the services for the acceptance, cleaning, processing, drying, storage and shipment of grain and oilseeds by road. There are 8 grain storages with the total capacity of 32,000 tons on the territory of the enterprise.



Work only with large, proven suppliers

Incoming inspection of each batch of raw materials for compliance with all legal and sanitary standards

The raw material enters the production hall only after the conclusion of the internal Quality Service


The production process is computerized

Closed production cycle since the receipt of raw materials (eliminates the ingress of foreign substances in the finished product)

Products undergo multiple levels of control at every stage of production


Before the finished product arrives at the warehouse, the manufactured product passes microbiological tests and tests for compliance with the reference sample


Control of the products storage conditions in industrial warehouses and warehouses of distributors

Delivery to retail outlets in refrigerated cars

Product control during the shipment from the production warehouse, the distributor warehouse and in the outlet