For questions about cooperation on branded products in the Russian Federation:
Head of Sales in the Russian Federation
Gabaydulin Marat
tel.: + 7-800-700-7900 ext. 55969

For questions about cooperation on branded products in exporting countries:
Karpov Alexey
tel.: + 7-903-114-6313

Cooperating with us you get the opportunity to produce goods under your own brand by category: sunflower oil, mayonnaise, ketchup, ready-made sauces, solid fats, soap!

For all questions, please contact the head of the STM category Lukina Alena:
tel.: + 7-800-70 0–7900 ext. 55576

​Advantages of working with us:

  • Enterprises of our holding are in the TOP of the largest producers of oil and fat business in the Russian Federation.
  • Full cycle of oil production, own raw material base for the production of mayonnaise.
  • A variety of product range and packaging formats.
  • Competitive prices for packaging and raw materials by combining the volume of private label and brand.
  • Formulation of any complexity.
  • The brand assortment availability in the retail chains - reduction of the quantum of supply for an STM due to joint logistics.
  • The possibility of delivery on freight outlet within the Russian Federation.

Our ability:

  • Uninterrupted deliveries to the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, the developed logistics on brand deliveries
  • Several hundred products with proven recipes and consumer properties.
  • Having our own laboratory and highly qualified technologists allow us to develop a recipe on demand.
  • Individual attention to each client.

Information on the counterparties selection conditions for the conclusion of a treaty supplying of food products, on the essential conditions of the contracts, on the quality and safety of the supplied food products.​

The counterparty must have state registration in the manner prescribed by law.

When selecting a Counterparty, the legal status, solvency, financial stability, and the trustworthiness of the Counterparty are assessed.

To conclude a Supply Agreement with a Company, a potential Counterparty must submit constituent and other documents according to the following lists to the Company's email address:​

Forms of the signed delivery contracts

  1. Standard contract form – the contract template developed according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation by Legal service of OJSC Zhirovoy kombinat and coordinated by divisions of OJSC Zhirovoy kombinat;
  2. Non-standard contract form – the contract for which there are no approved templates (forms) and also Standard contracts forms with protocols of disagreements of partners which are subject to approval in OJSC Zhirovoy kombinat;

The Company delivers goods to Counterparties on the basis of the signed delivery contract.

The delivery contract is regarded as being concluded when the Company and the Counterparty reach an agreement on all essential terms of the contract offered to each of the parties entering the contract.

Essential terms of the delivery contract

The delivery contract is signed when the Counterparty and the Company coordinate the following essential conditions: name, range and quantity of the goods which are subject of delivery.

In case of granting a payment delay for the delivered Goods and to the Counterparty there is a need to have one of the types of security for the performance of obligations, selected by agreement of the parties of the Contract (depending on the size of the commodity credit):

  1. guarantee of the natural person or legal entity;
  2. pledge of personal/real estate;
  3. bank guarantee;
  4. write-off without acceptance.

Possible delivery terms of Goods: ​

  1. Delivery by motor transport of the buyer (shipment at own expense);
  2. Delivery by motor transport of OJSC Zhirovoy kombinat or transport company;
  3. Delivery by railway transport.

Information on quality and safety of delivered food products.

The company guarantees that the quality of the delivered Goods conforms to requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and Specifications of the manufacturer, namely:

GOST 32188-2013 margarine, spread of GOST P 52100-2003, mayonnaise and sauces mayonnaise GOST 31761-2012, mustard food ready TU 9169-086-00333546-2013/CTO 00333546-015-2015, the GOST 32063-2013 ketchup, GOST 1129-2013 sunflower oil, oil soy GOST 31760-2012 conform to requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union: "Technical regulations on oil and fats products" of TR CU 024/2011; "About safety of food products" TR CU 021/2011; "Food products regarding its marking" of TR CU 022/2011.

The company guarantees that the quality of the delivered Goods ensures safety of life, health of consumers and conforms to the requirements accepted by deliveries of the corresponding Goods in the Russian Federation.

The data specified in the present document have exclusively information character and under no circumstances will not be the public offer determined by provisions of Part 2 Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. ​​

The list of documents for the contracts signing


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