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General Procurement Terms

The procurement system is based on the principles of openness, competitiveness and transparency. All purchases are made through the annual tender or advanced tender. Tender procedures are held on the electronic trading platform b2b-center.ru.

For all suppliers, participation in our bid is free, the b2b-center.ru platform does not charge fees to participants in the procedures of the Rusagro Group of Companies.

According to the results of the tender, one contractor is determined for the execution of the tender subject (winner) and one alternative supplier in case the winner refuses to sign the contract or fails to provide the commercial conditions announced in the tender. Preference will be given to the applicant, whose commercial proposal will score more points on the following evaluation criteria.

1 Quality Compliance with technical specifications or specifications
Delivery / Execution Times
2 Price Total cost with discounts, bonuses, additional charges, payment terms, rub. without VAT
Terms of payment
3 Goodwill and work experience Provision of an advance payment, if any (willingness to provide a bank guarantee for the amount of the advance payment)
Experience with GK Rusagro (list enterprises of a group of companies, implemented projects, concluded contracts)
Providing a reference list (information about implemented projects)
Period of work in the market (years)
Financial solvency (net assets) in accordance with the balance sheet for the previous year
Willingness to carry penalties
Willingness to work under a standard contract

To participate in the tender are allowed companies that will provide in the specified time:

  • commercial offer, fully complying with the technical task;
  • required package of documents.
Requirements for participants​
Announced purchases

Purchases are conducted through the B2B-CENTER electronic trading platform.

For you, participation in our auctions is absolutely free, the b2b-center.ru platform does not charge any fees from our partners.

The algorithm of actions in case of reasonable doubts about the fairness of the tender:

  1. Contact the Rusagro employee who initiated the bidding for clarification.
  2. If explanations of the initiator of the bidding did not remove doubts, then contact the staff of the procurement department:

Category purchasing manager Zaborskih Irina
Tel. 8-800-700-79-00 (ext. 55777)    e-mail: zaborskikhia@rusagromaslo.com

Head of Procurement Services Department Andrei Lunev
Tel. 8-800-700-79-00 (ext. 55801)     e-mail: lunevaa@rusagromaslo.com

Head of the Purchased Managed Nomenclature Procurement Department
Tel. 8-800-700-79-00 (ext. 55785)    e-mail: sokhranova@rusagromaslo.com

3. If the explanations of the Head of the Procurement Department did not help, then contact Dmitry Zvyagin, the internal audit officer,
e-mail: zvyagin@rusagromaslo.com, tel .: 7 (800) 700 79 00 ext. 55600. ​​​​

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