RUSAGRO is the second largest producer of industrial fats and margarines in Russia.

Due to our advanced level of production support of customers and solid scientific background of modern food production technologies, RUSAGRO leads the fat ingredients market and offers innovative solutions for confectionery, bakery, dairy and other food sectors.

The Company successfully operates its Innovative and Applications Centers developing new products and support implementation of highly efficient food production processes. We are the leaders in producing fats and margarines, including specialized ones. We make innovative products according to unique formulas, for all sectors of the food industry. Following the latest market tendencies, we developed and produce margarine from sunflower oil and Clean Label margarines without E code ingredients to offer them to our customers​.

We are proud of our innovations allowing us to process vegetable fats and implement unique biotechnologies, guaranteeing impeccable quality of our products in full compliance with the Customs' Union technical regulations on oil and fat products. RUSAGRO's contribution to developing the industrial fats and margarines sector was recognized by special awards of the Russian professional community.

None of our margarines or fats contains any trans-fats or GMOs. Made of vegetable materials, they are cholesterol-free and therefore suitable for manufacturing healthy foods.

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Product Portfolio:

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