Oil Extraction Plant of CJSC Samaraagroprompererabotka was officially opened on April 22, 2011. ​The enterprise consists of 6 silo buil​dings for a raw material warehouse, three 7-storey buildings for the sunflower oil and oil meal production, 2 finished goods warehouses, an administrative building, and a building for a raw material laboratory.

The oil extraction plant has convenient access roads and railways, which allows you to take raw materials and ship the finished products. The company has an individual attention to each client. We always welcome your suggestions and are ready to meet your needs.

Modern technological equipment allows to produce products of excellent quality. The food safety and feed safety management system has been implemented and is functioning in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 22000: 2005, GMP + B2.

The capacity of the sunflower seed processing plant is 1250 tons / day.

Annual capacity is 410 thousand tons.

The main product is unrefined sunflower oil according to GOST 1129-2013 and high-protein meal according to GOST 11246-96.

Currently the granulation section of the meal has been launched. It has the German equipment "AMANDUS KAHL". This equipment allows to produce a quality granule with a given size and a specific weight of up to 650 g / liter.

The strategic goal of CJSC “Samaraagroprompererabotka" is the production and sale of safe products and become a leader.

CJSC "Samaraagroprompererabotka" purchases sunflower seeds:​​

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Price lists, delivery rates, standard contract forms, as well as other information you are interested in can be clarified with our employees.

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Head of the OFBU B2B Sales Balabaev Dmitry
+7 (846) 207-37-25, ext. 56270

​Electronic platform.

CJSC Samaraagroprompererabotka collects commercial offers for the supply of sunflower seeds through the B2B electronic trading platform.
Participation in the procedure for collecting commercial offers on the B2B site for the CJSC Samaraagroprompererabotka’s suppliers of sunflower seeds is free and will require only registering you as a participant in this trading procedure. You can register as a participant in the procurement procedures of CJSC Samaraagroprompererabotka at
Hotline phone number of the B2B site 8 (800) 555-85-19.
You can also ask D. Kanischeva, an employee of our company about the registration procedure (Analyst specialist, tel. 8 (846) 207-37-25 ext. 6277; mobile 8 (987) 449-67-87; e-mail: We will be glad to see you among the participants of our trade procedures on the B2B electronic trading platform.



Pugachevsky elevator


Pugachevsky elevator is one of the largest elevators in the Volga region. Its capacity of one-time storage is 181,000 tons. The enterprise occupies a total area of 275,600 m2.

Its strategically advantageous location of nearby vehicles allows to provide year-round services for the acceptance and shipment of all types of agricultural products, both by road and rail.

The Pugachevsky elevator is the largest sunflower seeds silos for the oil extraction plant of the CJSC “Samaraagroprompererabotka”.

Address: Pugachevsky Elevator LLC Saratov region, Pugachev, Zheleznodorozhnaya st., 15, tel. (84574) 4-44-70, ext. 6351

​​​Buguruslansky grain product integrated work

Separate subdivision of the Buguruslansky grain product integrated work is part of the CJSC Samaraagroprompererabotka since October 2015. The enterprise is located in the south-western part of the city of Buguruslan in the Orenburg region. Its capacity of storage is 48,000 tons. The enterprise occupies a total area of 130,000 m2. There are 9 mechanized warehouses of floor storage on the territory of the enterprise, the total capacity of operating warehouses is 13,600 tons. The capacity for acceptance by road is 1,500 tons per day, shipment — 500 tons per day, capacity for acceptance by rail — 350 tons per day, shipment — 550 tons per day or 8 grain wagons. The scope of operations is the services for the acceptance, cleaning, processing, drying, storage, transshipment and shipment of grain and oilseeds by road and rail.

Address: LLC "Buguruslankhleboprodukt" Orenburg region, Buguruslan, Baymakovskoe highway, 6, tel. (846) 207-37-25, ext. 6386

​​Totskoye grain reception site

Separate subdivision of the Totskoye grain reception site is located in the Totsky District of the Orenburg region. The enterprise is located on the land plot of 9,323 ha. The enterprise leases the access road 1,906 m long to the public road. The technological infrastructure of the enterprise consists of 16 mechanized warehouses with flat floors and with a total capacity of 58,400 tons. Warehouses have upper and lower galleries. The capacity for acceptance is 600 tons per day, grain shipment — 450 tons per day, oil shipment — 300 tons per day. Simultaneous acceptance/shipment from six points is possible with a single feed of not more than 4 wagons.

Address: Orenburg region, Totsky district, Pristancionny settlement, Elevatornaya st. 1, tel. (846) 207-37-25, ext. 6396

​​​Alekseevskoye grain reception site

Separate subdivision of the Alekseevskoye grain reception site is located in the Samara region. The area of the enterprise is 80,870 m2. The scope of operations is the services for the acceptance, cleaning, processing, drying, storage and shipment of grain and oilseeds by road. There are 8 grain storages with the total capacity of 32,000 tons on the territory of the enterprise.

Address: Samara region, Alekseevsky district, village Alekseevka, Pervomayskaya st., 92, tel. (846) 207-37-25, ext. 6381​